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Head of Doctoral School:: Professor Jesper Møller (http://www.math.aau.dk/~jm/)

The doctoral school is a joint offering of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences (http://www.math.aau.dk/) focuses on areas with a particular relevance to technical and computer science applications based on fundamental, mathematical disciplines, and on specialisations of interest to physics. Three areas are particularly emphasised: applied mathematical analysis, where interest focuses on problems from both classical physics and quantum physics and the theory of partial differential equations; discrete mathematics, where emphasis is on graph and coding theory; probabilistic and statistical models and methods, with focus on stochastic networks, spatial statistics, and bio and forensic statistics. 

Research areas: 

Applied mathematical analysis 

  • Applied mathematical analysis
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Probability and statistics

The Department of Physics and Nanotechnology (http://www.physics.aau.dk/) concentrates on topics with relations to nano science and technology. Three areas are particularly emphasised: nano optics, with emphasis on linear and non-linear light scattering by nanostructures, multiple scattering leading to band gap and localization effects and instrumentation for near-field optical microscopy; nanostructures with focus on synthesis, characterization and theoretical modelling of electronic structure and optical properties of nanosized particles, wires and thin films; surface science, where the research topics and interfaces, catalysis, self assembled monolayers, and synthesis and analysis of thin bimetallic films on the nanometer scale. 

Research areas: 

  • Nano optics 
  • Electronic and optical properties of nanostructures
  • Surface and interface physics

More information about the Doctoral School in Mathematics and Physics. 

Vacant PhD positions at the Faculty of Engineering and Science

Staff at the Department of Mathematical Sciences 

Staff at the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology



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