Types of supervisors

Degrees of control:

- The participants

Priority of goals:

The supervisor's attitude to appraisal and assessment:


The Process Supervisor

The Product Supervisor

The Laissez-faire Supervisor

  1. The little positive - student-centred:

To the students, this seems unreliable

  1. The Uncommitted:

Very often, the work is assessed mildly as compensation for the poor supervision

Or very hard, reffering to the students' poor abilities

The Controlling Supervisor

Bloom's "Taxonomi" is a kind of precedence for what to do with what you've learned. It is very much used in the Western world to assess written and oral performances in higher education.

What are we talking about?

How would you define the following words and terms? How do you think they are used in general (your definition)?

Work alone on the words for 5 minutes. Afterwards, work with two others on the exercise for 5 minutes.